Repair Your Personal Search Results

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What shows up on your personal search results page is more important than ever: more than 70% of recruiters report having searched for candidates before deciding whether to interview, 55% of people admit Googling before a first date, and 63% of all internet traffic begins with a simple Google search.

The good news is you can take control of the all-important first page of your personal search results, even if you’ve recently encountered legal trouble, gone through a divorce, or have your results mixing with someone with a similar name.

Even better: it won’t break the bank.

Repair My Search was founded by Drew Chapin in response to unfair practices by online reputation management firms which over-promise, under-deliver, and over-charge. The purpose of this site is to open-source their “secret sauce,” offering a roadmap to repair your online reputation yourself. And if you decide you don’t have the time or have reached your technological limits, we’re always here to help – for 90% less than what the other sites charge.

The Essential Guide to Owning Your Personal Search Results

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Do your personal search results require some personal attention?

If you find that you have additional questions or would like assistance in executing any of the elements of your search engine optimization or online reputation management campaign, reach out. Our online reputation management experts are here to help.