Building Your Website: Easiest Way to Accept Crypto Payments

Integrating payments into your new website has become a breeze, thanks to tools provided by e-commerce content management systems like Shopify and WooCommerce. But with the increasingly prevalence of cryptocurrency, many are left to wonder if their new web shop can easily accept crypto payments.

The short answer: yes. And it’s not much more difficult to set up than accepting traditional payment methods on your website.

  1. Sign up for an account at NOWPayments, the easiest to use crypto payment gateway.
  2. Decide whether you’d like your crypto to remain in a NOWPayments wallet (which is safe and secure) or in your existing Bitcoin/Ethereum Wallet. This is only a matter of preference. Enter the Dashboard.
    • To hold your crypto at NOWPayments, tap into the left hand navigation bar and select “Custody.” Complete the set up there.
    • To hold your crypto at your existing wallet, tap into the left hand navigation bar and select Settings then “Payment settings.” Under the Payout Wallet section, select “Add another wallet,” and add your public Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency wallets).
  3. Now that your account is set up, it’s time to configure the crypto payment gateway at your e-commerce shop.

You may also use NOWPayment’s tools to generate a payment link for one-time payments, donations, or subscriptions by navigating to the left-hand sidebar in the Dashboard, selecting Payment Tools, and “Payment Link” (or “Donations” or “Subscriptions”) and following the process there.

You’re now all set to accept crypto payments on your e-commerce shop. Orders will arrive as they do with your traditional payment gateway – the only difference is the funds will be captured in the form of cryptocurrency at the wallet you set up during NOWPayments onboarding.